About Us

Our history & About Us

Asia Superyachts Ltd was formed 25 years ago initially in a beautiful beachfront restaurant in Bali Indonesia called KU DE TA by 2 Superyacht Captains and a corporate flight crew stewardess. From its inception on day 1 our goal was to bring superyachts and elegance to Asia from the overcrowded and busy mediterranean to the beautful islands of Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam. Our goal was to bring high end Superyachts and service the needs of captains and owners alike to the same standard they would expect in the mediterranean or USA.


25 years of sales & charter experience have taught us the many pitfalls (and how to avoid them) for international yacht purchase / aquisition. Our garantee to you is we will do all in our power to ensure your yacht purchase or charter is smooth clear, easy to action and quick.


If you have you wish to sell we would be most pleased to discuss with you the opportunity to list the yacht for you as we have a large clent databse of yacht owers and buyer througout the world. Please click on the link below and let us know how exactly we can assist you.
Owning a superyacht is the freedom to explore the world on your terms without limits. With 45 years of experience sourcing the best yachts at the best prices, YPI’s team of worldwide brokers are experts in finding the right yacht for every client.